We’re still shooting for a Fall 2019 opening. Early winter may be more realistic.

 When will you open?


616 State Street in downtown Hood River in the upper level of the Old Asbury Church. It’s a block west of the library, on the same side of the street.

Where is it?


Literally, Brimstone means ‘sulfur’--which seems appropriate given our location smack in the middle of two major volcanoes. And we built the gym inside an old church--you know, fire and brimstone and all…

What’s with the name?

unnamed (4).png

Our pricing structure will look something like this: 

What will a membership cost?

Pricing Chart.png

*EFT stands for “Electronic Funds Transfer” (think standard gym membership). EFT memberships will have a one time, $35 startup fee. You can put an EFT membership on hold, at any time, for $5 per month.


Maybe! We plan to begin the hiring process in the next couple of weeks. We'll post positions on the website and announce them via the newsletter and social media.

Can I work there?


No, it will be a bouldering gym, which means walls no more than 15-feet tall with big, thick, foam mats underneath them.

Will there be ropes?


We like rope-climbing, too, but for a number of reasons, a bouldering gym makes more sense:

We have an amazing space, and the ceilings are tall, but not quite tall enough for worthwhile roped walls. By offering only bouldering, we can create the best features in the space we have available.

In a small space, a bouldering gym can accommodate more people than a gym with ropes. Someone might take 10 or 15-minutes to climb a tall wall, whereas it usually takes someone less than 5-minutes to attempt a boulder problem, so people can cycle through more quickly.

Bouldering is a social activity. People often hang out on the mats between climbs, encourage each other and share advice. It’s important to us that this is a space for community to gather and to form.

Bouldering is more accessible than rope climbing. A bouldering gym is kind of like an all-ages playground. Someone can walk into a bouldering gym by themselves, never having climbed before, go through a quick orientation, rent a pair of shoes and be climbing within a few minutes. No complicated, intimidating apparatuses. No belay tests. No need to bring a partner.

But I like climbing on ropes. Why no ropes?



We plan to offer after-school programs, summer camps and birthday parties. If there’s enough interest, we would love to establish a competitive youth climbing team, as well.

Will you have kids programs?


Yes. We will offer a small assortment of traditional fitness equipment (cardio machines and weights), yoga classes and aerial classes.

Will you offer anything other than climbing?


For special events, perhaps, but our insurance company won’t bite on the climbing while drinking or drinking while climbing thing. Given our current footprint, we had the option to open a bar or a climbing gym. We opted for a climbing gym. Maybe the constraints will change in the future, but, in the meantime, you can choose between thirty establishments that serve alcohol within about seven blocks.

Will you have beer?


Yes! Likely (sustainably sourced, locally made) instant coffee and pre-made snacks for the time being. Again, we want our staff to focus on the climbing gym thing rather than the food service/barista thing.

Will you have snacks? Coffee?


We will definitely put up a pull-up bar and a hangboard. Hopefully an assortment of hangboards. Maybe a campus board.

We would love to have a Kilter, Moon or Tension board, someday. For now, we’ve made the decision to prioritize our square footage toward a climbing experience that’s accessible and fun for the greatest number of folks possible.

What will you have in terms of training equipment for climbing?


Sadly, no, because it sounds like a lot of you would like one. If we can figure out somewhere to put it that doesn’t prevent people from climbing, we will.

Will you have a slackline?


Yes. We will have rental shoes and chalk bags, and loaner towels and yoga mats.

Will you have rental equipment? 


Yes. We’ve picked out five models of retail shoes. We’ll also offer chalk, chalk bags, a handful of guidebooks and, of course, lots of Brimstone swag. With enough interest, we could offer more retail climbing gear down the road.

How about retail?


Not exactly, but we will have lockers, cubbies, benches and four single-person bathrooms that we intend to keep obsessively clean.

Will you have a locker room?


Yes. Two. And towels!

Will you have showers?



Will you have bike parking?



Can we have a mini guidebook library?



Free wifi?



“Bangin’” music?


So much.

Will you have air conditioning?


Hard yes.

Will you host community events? Informal competitions? Ladies nights?


No. But, if you have other questions, requests or suggestions, shoot us an email at info@brimstoneboulders.com

Can you make the boulders removable and convert the space into a trampoline park every Friday?