Conor would have become a climber at age seven if the after-school climbing program hadn’t been canceled, because he was the only student to sign up. Circumstances as they were, Conor started climbing in earnest in college at Central Washington University, while he earned a degree in flight technology. Now, Conor has climbed all over the states, but still has a soft spot for the basalt columns of Vantage, where it all began for him--though he never turns down a trip to Smith, Yosemite or City of Rocks.

When he’s not climbing, Conor flies small, fixed-wing airplanes, teaches other people to fly, skis, mountain bikes, rides motorcycles and talks often about how much he’d like to ice climb again. He dearly loves beer and cats.




Jen started climbing and skiing at age ten when a femur fracture gone bad meant she couldn’t run, or play soccer or basketball (a merciful accident, which you know if you’ve ever watched her try to throw something). Jen competed as a member of Stoneworks Junior Climbing Team through middle school and high school, then launched a nine month climbing road trip around the states out of the back of an ‘88 Volvo wagon. When the weather started to turn, Jen moved to the Gorge, where she had weaseled her way onto the Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Patrol.

Jen moved to Seattle to wrap up a bachelors in creative writing, then stayed in the big city another six years to work as a producer for The Dirtbag Diaries podcast--but the Gorge was still ‘home’. Finally, she lured Conor to Hood River to start a climbing gym. You can still hear her on the Dirtbag Diaries, and catch her in a red coat at Meadows, now and again. Jen also loves beer and cats--almost as much as Conor.